Tammy began her tutelage under the heavenly hands of Gourmet Chef turned Priest, Father Tony Brancachio when she worked as a cook for the Brethren. The Father taught her how to make her first roux and the rest is history.

Once the head chef of a prominent detoxification center in Malibu, Tammy now takes on tasks ranging from private house parties to private cheffing on location of motion picture sets, setting sail on private yachts as the head chef, menu planning, wine pairing, and preparing meals.

Chef Tammy has ten years of experience working as a private chef and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies. Tammy has extensive knowledge of Euro-Asian and California Cuisines with a strong background in wine-food pairing. Tammy cooks because she loves to, a passion that has propelled her to the top of her game working for A list celebrities and billionaire business moguls. She is currently working on her first cook book. 

Chef Tammy, Private Chef
Chef Tammy: Bad Boys IIDID YOU KNOW?

Chef Tammy was the private chef of Will Smith on location in Miami while filming Bad Boys II?

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Chef Tammy: Tomatoes